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Lotoxane and variants

•    Lotoxane – A highly refined non-aromatic solvent blend designed for use as a general purpose degreaser, particularly on electric or electronic components. Lotoxane can be used on a wide range of sensitive metals, plastics and painted surfaces. Lotoxane can also be used prior to painting as it leaves no residue once dry. Lotoxane is suitable for application by spray, dip tank, degreasing center or for ultrasonic cleaning. Flash point 62°C.

  • Approvals: MOD Defense standard 68-148/1 · Airbus Industry · British Aerospace Airbus · Boeing Aircraft Co.· D6-17487 Revision W · GEC-Marconi Aerospace Farnham, UK · Honeywell Aircraft Landing System · International Aero Engines(Consortium established between Rolls Royce, SNECMA and Pratt & Whitney) · Rolls Royce PLC · Lockheed Martin Corporation · Wessex Helicopters · Leading aircraft equipment and component manufactures · Martin Baker Aircraft Company Limited · Loxotane Nato Stock Number: H1/6850-99-300-7999–210 litre

•    Lotoxane aerosol – Lotoxane in a convenient aerosol
•    Lotoxane fast wipes – Lotoxane fast wipes are tear resistant, lint-free wipes impregnated with a modified aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent which is a powerful cleaner and degreaser, designed to dry quickly to a residue free finish. Lotoxane fast wipes provide the user with a safe convenient method and are suitable for application to a wide range of surfaces including metals, plastics and painted surfaces.

  • Approvals: Pratt& Whitney: approved for SPOP 208 Solvent Wiping · Naval Aircraft Materials Laboratory · GE Aircraft Engines, SPM 70-21-23 Cleaning Method 23 – Hand-Wipe – Degreasing

Supersolve AS

Supersolve AS – A rapidly evaporating solvent cleaner designed to flush dirt, grease, silicone oils from electric circuitry and aircraft components. Supersolve AS is formulated to provide a non ozone depleting spray complying uniquely with the non-flammable requirements of MIL PRF 29608 Class C. It has excellent cleaning efficiency and does not affect elastomers, acrylic or polycarbonate plastics.

  • Approvals: Scientific Material International Inc.: MIL-PRF-29608(AS) · SMI. Inc.: Testing on Type A Cast Acrylic plastic in accordance with TT-N-95b · GE Aircraft Engines, SPM 70-21-23 Cleaning Method 23 – Hand-Wipe – Degreasing.



  • Approvals: CHC Helicopter Service, GE CT58-140MM SIE-182 · Certifications: MIL SPEC/Auto, Air, Rail.

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